The IDEs of March

This month we are offering you a great deal on our two most popular software applications—buy either PrimalScript 2012 or PowerShell Studio 2012  at full price and receive the other one for half off. These are the current versions of our software and retail for $349 each. Both are top-of-the-line, top-selling script editors and debuggers (and much more) and, if you are a busy network administrator or script writer in general, you definitely need both of them. Don’t just take our word for it, either—you can download fully-functioning, 45-day trials from our website. But don’t wait too long because this sale ends at the end of the month.


Julius Caesar may have thought that the Ides of March were a bad thing (he was assassinated on March 15) but we beg to think otherwise—it’s a great time to buy PrimalScript and/or PowerShell Studio MMXII (see what we did there?) and experience remote PowerShell debugging, building executables for your users and running them elevated and in 32 or 64 bit mode, the most complete scripting environments available, among many other features. Download the trials from our website by clicking on the “Try It” buttons and see for yourself. Had Shakespeare still been around, he may have had the soothsayer in the play “Julius Caesar” proclaim: “beware the IDEs of March for they are a great deal!”

Our software deal for the month of March: buy the second software item for half off. This is a great chance to introduce yourself or a coworker to the excellent experience you already have with your favorite script editor!