Become the Master of PowerShell!

In case you haven’t heard, PowerShell is *THE* scripting language you must master if you want to advance in your career. This month-long sale will give you a great opportunity to do just that: purchase all the essential PowerShell development and learning tools that SAPIEN has to offer and receive an amazing 30% off! This includes the highly-regarded PowerShell Studio 2012, one year of Premium Support, our Windows PowerShell 2.0 TFM ebook, and our Windows PowerShell Video Set. This is, quite simply, the best way to go from novice to expert in what is the centerpiece of Microsoft’s scripting world. A $630 retail value, it is yours for $439!


PowerShell Studio 2012 is the most powerful and feature-complete scripting environment available. It allows you to develop GUI-based PowerShell tools. It converts your scripts into executables for you to distribute to your users, and you can run them elevated and in 32 or 64 bit mode. As a debugger, you can run and debug your scripts directly from within PowerShell Studio, in 32 or 64 bit, locally or remotely. And, as an editor, this is the most feature rich one available today. You can create traditional, console-based scripts or then create code behind your GUI forms. It supports code completion for cmdlets, enumerators, special object types, parameters, and .NET objects. And it includes all the features you’ve learned to love and expect from SAPIEN: alias conversion, syntax coloring, edited line indicator, triple-click to quickly select a complete function, and much more. The updated ribbon UI makes it even easier to work with your scripts. Download a fully-functioning, 45-day trial from our website—but don’t take too long because this offer expires at the end of the month!

Need extra help with PowerShell Studio? Want to communicate directly with our tech support staff? You receive one year of Premium Support with this offer. This includes a guaranteed response within 24 hours with personalized attention until the issue has been resolved. This is a yearly-renewable Support and, so long as it is active, you will receive the next major release of PowerShell Studio for free! All this in addition to the great support that is available to registered users: blog, support forums, and the ScriptingAnswers forum.

Our Windows PowerShell 2.0 TFM ebook, written by Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks, both PowerShell MVP’s, is the standard learning and reference book for PowerShell. It is also the textbook for many technical schools and colleges, as well as training facilities. It will teach you what PowerShell is and how it works, and you’ll learn to take PowerShell further using custom type extensions, basic cmdlet development, custom formatting views, .NET Framework development, graphical dialog boxes, and much, much more. A “speed start” helps you get started with PowerShell faster than ever, with explanations based on live class deliveries to more than 1,000 students. Coverage of PowerShell’s scripting capabilities has been vastly expanded and rewritten to make the subject both easier and more applicable to real-world scenarios. This new edition also includes a jump-start for new and changed features in v2, helping you quickly take advantage of the latest functionality.

Our Windows PowerShell Video Set will take you from novice to master in 30 hours—at your own speed! Narrated by Don Jones in a friendly, class-like, easy-to-understand style, the videos include conceptual animations, demonstrations and samples, hands-on exercises, and much more. They are divided into sections: fundamentals, intermediate, advanced, and What’s New for v2. These videos were designed to complement our Windows PowerShell 2.0 TFM ebook and are packed with hands-on tasks and exercises, real-world tips, and additional content.