Uncle SAPIEN Wants You!

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To register your license key, that is. Did you purchase a license for our software, perhaps years and years ago, and never register it in your MySAPIEN account? You should, and there are some very valid and important reasons for doing so. If you don’t register your license, we probably do not know how to reach you. On occasion, we make application-specific announcements and offer deals on upgrades that only go to those whose products are registered. Also, when you log into your MySAPIEN account, you can see what the most recent version of the application is as well as any upgrade options. Lastly, if you somehow lose your license key and can’t login, we can go to your MySAPIEN account and retrieve it for you. Sometimes, people lose access to the email address on file and forget their passwords—if you are not properly registered, we can’t help you. We get calls and emails from users all the time saying that they missed an upgrade because they didn’t register their license keys—don’t be one of them!

Of course, you may subscribe to our RSS feeds—and we definitely encourage you to do so. This way, you can keep up to date with releases, features, how-to’s, and special offers. Go to our blog page at http://www.sapien.com/blog/ and click on the “Subscribe” link on the top right corner.