Out-GridView fails in PowerShell V2 after V3 update

Seems there was a recent update to PowerShell V3 that has affected PowerShell V2. Now the Out-Gridview  cmdlet produces an error and no longer functions in PowerShell V2.

This issue affects all products using PowerShell including packaged scripts running in V2 mode. V2 only machines may not be affected

To reproduce the error start PowerShell in v2 mode:

powershell.exe –version 2.0


Next run the Out-GridView and you will get the following error:



We reported the issue to Microsoft using Connect:




It seems this is by design, which in turn doesn’t make v3 fully backwards compatible. Please vote up the issue if you believe they should fix this.

A workaround is to use a WinForms DataGridView instead.