Reference highlighting in PrimalScript 2012

You have asked for it, here it is. With this new service build of PrimalScript 2012 (6.5.136) you get reference highlighting.

For those of you not familiar with this functionality, read on.


Basically if you double click on an identifier, be it a function, variable, member etc. that identifier gets selected. Nothing exciting about that. You can also press Ctrl + W(ord) to select the current word if you are more the keyboard type of person. What’s new is that every instance of that same word is now highlighted throughout your code.

That makes it really easy to see where in a function your parameters or variables are referenced. Of course that works in all supported languages, not only in PowerShell. Basically anything that has syntax coloring.

Rumor has it that PowerShell Studio will get that soon too, so stay tuned…