Volunteers for focus group needed

We are looking for a select group of volunteers to test and provide feedback on a new software product.

If you

  • are an administrator or developer and write scripts or programs (language does not matter).
  • work by yourself (mostly) or in a team no more than 5.
  • have not used any source control product or
  • have installed a source control product but find it too difficult to setup or use
  • have installed, used and abandoned a source control product.
  • feel guilty that your code is not backed up as frequently as it should be.
  • lost source code files due to hard drive errors/ crash / virus or plain user error.

we may want to hear from you.

If any three of the points above apply to you, please email to focusgroup@sapien.com.

Please give us a brief overview regarding which of the above topics apply to you. Anything you’d like to share about your experience with source control, versioning, backup or lack thereof is welcome.

You should only apply if you actually have time to test, review and report back on a software product. We are looking for an honest opinion so please don’t hold back.

So what are you waiting for? Email now.