Faster than you can scream “SHAWWWWWN!,” Halloween will be here and we are feeling a bit goofy.  So much so that we’re gearing up for a S-C-A-R-Y special, just for you!  On Halloween, October 31, buy 5-packs of PowerShell Studio 2012 at 50% off!  What?!  You heard right—50% off!  This will happen only on our online store ( and is not available through resellers or via purchase orders.  Get those credit cards ready because the sale is only valid for one day.  Be quick or be left behind…

As I mentioned, we are feeling a bit goofy which may have something to do with the paint thinner they are using next door.  Either way, we decided to get ready for Halloween by turning into zombies.  We got dressed in our favorite Halloween costumes and then commissioned renowned zombie painter, Jack Larson, to transform us into zombies.  From left to right, your favorite SAPIEN Technologies characters are:

SAPIEN Technologies Team -- Halloween Version

SAPIEN Technologies Team — Halloween Version

–              Maricela Soria, our fearless graphics designer

–              Alex Riedel, our righteous CTO

–              Ferdinand Rios, our soaring CEO

–              Robert Morey, our intrepid sales guy

–              David Corrales, our super developer

SAPIEN Technologies Team -- Zombie Version

SAPIEN Technologies Team — Zombie Version

It seems that zombies are all the rage these days as is PowerShell.  So, for one day only, we are coming after you with a special promotion that only a zombie wouldn’t care about.  Be quick and take advantage of this exceptional offer!  Unlike zombies,  we have neither slowed down nor stopped our development work.  For instance, we just released the updates for our software so that it now works with PowerShell v3.  Keep your eyes peeled to our blog and Twitter account so that you can stay on top of the latest and greatest.  In the meantime, have a happy and safe Halloween.  We’ll see you on the other side.  Of the month, that is!  Muuuuhhhhaaaahhhhhaaaaahhhhh…