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Major Service Release (10/11/2012)

New versions of PrimalScript 2012 and PowerShell Studio 2012 are available. Registered users can download the latest service builds from MySAPIEN.

Release Notes:

PrimalScript 2012 v 6.5.132:

ADD: PowerShell V3 support
ADD: Support for multiple remote machines with individual cache data
ADD: Added CacheExport Tool
ADD: Support for debugging multiple powershell scripts.
ADD: Support for debugging powershell modules.
ADD: Update UI to show additional platforms
ADD: Update UI to select between PowerShell V2 and V3
FIX: Script packager cannot package in trial mode
FIX: Manual chapter heading wrong
FIX: Moved manual to correct installation folder
FIX: Using a non-existing group file on the command line creates a zero length file.
FIX: Project item selector shows no items


PowerShell Studio 2012 v3.1.9

ADD: PowerShell V3 Support
ADD: Support for multiple remote machines with individual cache data
ADD: Option for PrimalSense to autocomplete only when there is a complete match.
ADD: Wizard Style Form Template
ADD: Ability to Package PowerShell V3 Executables
ADD: PowerShell Studio Manual
ADD: Delete External Cache Button to the PowerShell Browser
ADD: CacheExport Redistributable
ADD: Packager CommandLine Conversion Snippet
ADD: Module Project Debugging & Execution
ADD: Startup Script property to Module Projects (used for Running a & Debugging)
ADD: Multi-file Debugging
ADD: #requires -version will now force the host when running a script
ADD: Run Remote Console button
FIX: Script packager cannot package in trial mode
FIX: Issue with PrimalSense not displaying Namespace info in rare cases
FIX: Run to Cursor no longer adds a breakpoint
FIX: Project Remoting & Project Debug Remoting Shortcut keys
FIX: Issue where the form fails to load due to duplicate names
UPD: Changed Toggle Collapsed Code Keyboard shortcut to Ctrl + Shift + M
UPD: Now Inserts Load-ListBox helper function for CheckBoxList Control
UPD: FindReplace Dialog now spans multiple documents

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