How to get support from SAPIEN

Once a year we need to refresh this information, so forgive us if you heard this before.

Our trial software is usually not crippled in any way, so just because your are evaluating it nothing should be switched off. So if something is grayed out or inaccessible, it’s usually a configuration issue and not because its a trial version.

If you have questions, regardless if it is about a trial or a licensed copy, feel free to contact us:

For sales related questions, quotes, prices, discounts, licensing agreements and so forth please contact

For customer support, for example if you cannot access your account or download something, please post in the customer service forum (
If you cannot post there for some reason or if you need to include a license key you are having trouble with please email to

If you have technical questions, please post in our product forum for the specific product.
If you do not have a license and have technical questions please post in the Pre-sales support forum

Sometimes you just need to send scripts or screenshots you don’t want the public to see, we understand. So please email to with whatever information you have and we will direct you to the right place or help you directly.

What if you want to talk to a person? No problem. Send an email to or depending on what you want to talk about. Make sure to mention your phone number and the topic you need to discuss. Please include your geographic location or time zone and what a good time to call is. That way we can have a person qualified to answer your questions call you at a convenient time.

Please make sure you direct your questions to the right place. It will save you a lot of time and allows us to help you quicker.