LOST! The forgotten features

A week ago I was hanging out with PowerShell trainer extraordinaire Jason Helmick and while we where geeking out over PowerShell tricks and software features (yes, I know, bad, isn’t it?) I asked him how he would improve file groups.




File groups?

So I demonstrated. I learned some time ago that most admins don’t like to use projects. Which isn’t really a surprise as most scripts used to be a single file affair. So anything that deals with projects was considered a “developer” feature.
But there was the occasional script that used multiple files or some txt, inf or log files to support the script. In order to allow these files to be opened together we added a feature called file groups to PrimalScript a few years ago.

It’s really quite simple:


Say you have four PowerShell scripts open that call each other. Now click on the File Tab and select “Save open files as group…”


Save the file to some location where it’s easy to get to, for example your desktop:


Now close PrimalScript. Simply double click on that file and in no time flat these files that belong to each other are opened again.

Think PowerShell modules, the test script, the module itself, the manifest and the help xml, all opened with one double click as they go together.

If you look at the filegroup file itself, it’s no secret binary format, just a text file with the file names one by one, each in its own line.


Jason thought it was ideal to use for module development, so give it a try. Tell me what you think.