Service Release (8/16/2012)

New versions of PrimalScript, PowerShell Studio, PrimalSQL, PrimalXML, and ChangeVue are available. Registered users can download the latest service builds from MySAPIEN.

Release Notes:

PrimalScript 2012 v 6.5.130:

– Added PowerShell V3 keywords to editor and PrimalMerge
– Document Explorer launches PDF file externally if Adobe Acrobat reader control is not installed
– Document Explorer gets PowerShell Studio launch button for examples
– CacheBuilder uses UTF-8 to accommodate non-US languages in cmdlet descriptions
– Script signing and packager can now use certificates in personal store rather than only PFX files
– Script packager was not accessible if no script file was open
– Debug Elevated did not elevate in VBScript/JScript
– PowerShell Profile Editor recognized in Tool Browser
–  PrimalScript 2012 manual is now installed with product


PowerShell Studio 2012 v3.0.8

ADD: Ability to Run Scripts using RSEE remoting
ADD: Workflow common parameters
ADD: More V3 Support for Parser
ADD: Extra PrimalSense support for Test-Path and Get-Service
ADD: Button to link to WinForms Control Reference for PowerShell document
ADD: Parser Support for @() arrays
ADD: PrimalSense Support for function OutputType Attribute
ADD: Option to embed recovery data into exported scripts
ADD: Snippet to convert WMI Dates to DateTime objects
ADD: Snippet to convert objects into DataTables
ADD: System.ServiceProcess Assembly to Default Assemblies
ADD: PrimalSense support for $$, $^, $?
ADD: Register Product Button
ADD: ProgressBarOverlay Control to Toolbox that displays a text percentage over the bar
UPD: Parser’s Indexing behavior to match PowerShell’s behavior
UPD: Improved Load Speed when using Restore Open Files option
UPD: In 64Bit environments the Console will now default to 64Bit
UPD: If you save as an open document, the open document will be closed
UPD: Database Browser will now always include the schema when inserting queries
UPD: Form Project’s Startup file to latest version
UPD: Parameter attributes will now move with project files and scripts
UPD: Form Templates with Grids to include column sorting
UPD: Update CacheBuilder to use Unicode
UPD: PrimalSense will now load the computer’s current environment variables
UPD: Auto Checkout on Projects no longer brings up a dialog.
UPD: CacheBuilder uses UTF-8 to accommodate non-US languages in cmdlet descriptions
FIX: Packager and host now returns secure strings when using -AsSecureString with Read-Host
FIX: Application title issue when resetting to default state pane.
FIX: Cmdlets not showing in Console Pane Inputline
FIX: Typo in Load-Chart helper function
FIX: SnippetEditor Open File not showing snippet files
FIX: Indentation bug where the { indented one tab too many
FIX: Rare issue where PrimalSense would give an error and not show types (Plus Improved speed)
FIX: Other minor changes and fixes


PrimalSQL 2012 v3.0.4

UPD: Grid Templates to include column sorting.
ADD: Register Product Button
FIX: Minor fixes and changes

PrimalXML 2012 v3.0.5

ADD: Register Product Button
ADD: Namespace Dialog when Validating XML (if needed)
FIX: Minor fixes and changes

ChangeVue 2.1.51:

ADD: PowerShell V3 keywords to integrated editor and PrimalMerge