PowerShell is HOT!

Microsoft is putting PowerShell at the front and center of Windows 8 and you (and your future career) need to be up to speed—NOW! This month, we are going to help you get there with a super collection of everything you need to go from PowerShell newbie to expert. For a *hugely* reduced price, you receive:

– PowerShell Studio 2012: the most complete PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) available
– Premium Support Package: one year of technical support in case you have any questions about how to use PowerShell Studio 2012
– Windows PowerShell Video Training Set: 30 hours of downloadable video featuring Don Jones that will take you from inexperienced to PowerShell expert
– Windows PowerShell 2.0 TFM eBook: the most comprehensive and authoritative PowerShell tutorial and reference available

This collection of software, instructional videos, reference book, and technical support will provide you with all the assistance and training you need to reach your goal. You can watch the downloaded videos at own pace and watch segments over and over again, as needed. They are .MP4 files that were reformatted to look good on the iPad or the iPhone/iPod touch with the retina display and, therefore, you can take them with you. Ditto for the PowerShell 2.0 ebook which is in PDF format. Furthermore, our licensing allows you to install PowerShell Studio 2012 on more than one machine which means that you may also install it on your laptop. In short, your commute time now becomes productive!

So, what are you waiting for? That’s over $630 worth of retail products but, during the month of August, they are yours for $439—that is over 30% off! Is your career worth this investment? If you are a Microsoft network administrator, the answer is clearly yes. Go to http://store.sapien.com/ and take advantage of this very-generous special before the month runs out. Not available through resellers.