PrimalPad 2012 gets script signing

We think that setting your execution policy to AllSigned or at least RemoteSigned in PowerShell is very important. Likewise, your security policy for VBScript, JScript and WSF file should also only allow signed scripts to be executed. PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio have always supported script signing and so does the new PowerShell Profile Editor. So we concluded that giving you PrimalPad without code signing abilities would be a bit of a double standard.


The new PrimalPad 2012 build (2.1.28) supports script signing with any code signing certificate you may have in your personal store, a specific certificate or a PFX file if you prefer to use that.

The options dialog was expanded to accommodate the new settings, but if you have a valid code signing certificate in your store, you should really only have to push the Sign Script button.


As a minor aside, the new build also supports UTF-8 files which previous builds and version did not.
The 32 bit and 64 bit version is available from right now, so go and get it.