WinForms Control Reference for PowerShell

We are happy to release the “WinForms Control Reference for PowerShell” guide. This guide provides you with a quick reference for the WinForm controls in PowerShell Studio. The document contains a list of all the important properties, methods, and events that you should be familiar with when creating GUIs in PowerShell.

Control Reference Screenshot


How can I get the reference guide?

There are two ways to access the reference guide:

1. SAPIEN Document Explorer

The guide will be included in the next service release of the SAPIEN Document Explorer (installed with PowerShell Studio). In addition, you will be able to access the guide directly from PowerShell Studio (v3.0.8 or greater) by clicking on the “Control Reference” button located in the Help tab of the Ribbon.

Control Reference Ribbon Button


2. Download from our website

You can also download the Reference Guide directly from our Downloads section under Quick Guides.


Spotlight on Controls

For more in depth information on individual controls, please refer to our Spotlight on Controls blog series.