Service Release (7/3/2012)

New versions of PrimalScript, PowerShell Studio, PrimalSQL, PrimalXML, and ChangeVue are available. Registered users can download the latest service builds from MySAPIEN.

Release Notes:

PrimalScript 2012 v6.5.128

UPD: Remove CAPICOM dependency for signing
ADD: License file support


PowerShell Studio 2012 v3.0.7

FIX: Minor Parsing Issues
UPD: License File handing
ADD: Extra PrimalSense support for Split-Path, Get-Module and Get-PSSnapin


UPD: Quick Access Customize Dialog now sorts the commands
UPD: Job Tracker and Process Tracker Control Sets
UPD: WMI Browser will now perform partial name search
UPD: Renamed Packager platform combo box options. Old ‘Windows’ options were renamed to ‘Forms’
ADD: Option to Use Whitespaces Instead of Tabs
ADD: Option to set Tab Size
ADD: Option to Restore Open Files at Startup
ADD: Extra PrimalSense support for Get-Credential, Get-Date, and Get-Process
ADD: PrimalSense resolution for parenthesis wrapping i.e. (Get-Date).Day
ADD: PrimalSense for file paths
ADD: Progress Bar Support for Write-Progress
ADD: New Packager Engine: Windows – doesn’t suppress messages like the Forms platform
ADD: New Options to handle coloring and PrimalSense of Module Cmdlets
ADD: Editor will auto add modules when a module cmdlet is added via PrimalSense
ADD: License file support
FIX: Packager (Win32 Windows) Invocation Path
FIX: Multi-line comment block expanding while editing
FIX: Other minor fixes and changes


ADD: StatusStrip Control
ADD: Auto Save Feature
ADD: Option – Enable Auto Cmdlet Select and Display (Uncheck to disable auto help display).
UPD: Load-Chart helper function. New SeriesName parameter added.
UPD: Chart – Top Processes & Chart – Disk Space Control Sets
UPD: Removed Get-MSChartInstalled Help Function. Use snippet instead.
FIX: Settings not saving for Show Exported Files and Enable Alias Tab Expansion
FIX: A minor parameter coloring issue
FIX: Other minor fixes and changes


PrimalSQL v3.0.3

ADD: License file support
FIX: Tooltips not showing in Ribbon
FIX: Minor fixes and changes


PrimalXML v3.0.4

ADD: License file support
FIX: Minor fixes and changes


ChangeVue v2.1.49

ADD: License file support