MSTechEd 2012

Well, MSTechEd 2012 is done. It was a great show, very busy, lots of PowerShell related inquiries and a lot of fun. We had a great location on the show floor, at the crossroads of two major sections, with great traffic and visibility. Robert Morey and David Corrales (lead developer on PowerShell Studio) worked very hard talking about our products and did a great job on the show floor. And our thanks go back to Alex Riedel for making PrimalScript 2012 the BEST PrimalScript ever and to Maricela Soria for her beautiful graphics for our booth, flyers and in product graphics!

SAPIEN gave away 500 t-shirts, 300 flying monkeys, 200 Infinity pens, 750 PowerShell Toolkit CDs and 100 PowerShell Toolkit flash drives! We were CLEANED out.

More and more of you seem to have gotten on the Powershell bandwagon. Good for you! Remember that SAPIEN has the BEST PowerShell tools: PrimalScript, PowerShell Studio and iPowerShell Pro!

Every day at the show SAPIEN gave away a copy of software to a lucky individual who was wearing one of our t-shirts. Congratulations to the following winners:

Todd Martin

PowerShell Studio
Jose Maties

SAPIEN Software Suite

Darrell Cheatham


SAPIEN thanks Don Jones and Jeff Hicks for the shout out about our products at their sessions.