PowerShell Studio 2012: Service Release (v3.0.4)

A new version of PowerShell Studio 2012 is now available. Registered users can download the latest service builds from MySAPIEN.

Release Notes:

PowerShell Studio 2012 v3.0.4

FIX: Duplicate nodes after renaming a function in the Function Explorer
FIX: File association “Open with PrimalForms”
FIX: Issue where the editor wouldn’t use the font size after moving font slider
UPD: Button – Start Job control set to use the Job Tracker
UPD: Button – Run Process control set to use the Process Tracker
UPD: Increase the length of the description field for Control Sets
UPD: Improved File Load & Parser Speed
UPD: Drag & Drop control set files into application to automatically install them
ADD: Form – Job Tracker Control Set
ADD: Form – Process Tracker Control Set
ADD: Control Set Option “Use Existing Type (Match Name)”. Inserts the control only if the type and name doesn’t exist.
ADD: Show Exported Files in Windows Explorer option.
ADD: Column and Line indicators to the status bar:
Line Char Indicator

WMI Browser Updates:
ADD: Help for WMI Classes and members.
WMI Help
ADD: Description Info for WMI Browser when hovering
ADD: The WMI Browser Insert option on Properties now inserts a WMI query.

Inserted Query