User reviews: Why I use PrimalScript.

Mike, one of our long time PrimalScript users, gave us this nice comment when I asked him why he keeps upgrading even though his company doesn’t pay for tools:


I’ve been using PrimalScript since version 2.1.  I’ve always enjoyed it and have appreciated its continuing advances and refinements.

Two things stand out in its feature set: the ability to make stand alone .exe’s from vbscript source and PrimalScript’s “code awareness”.

The ability to create a single executable utility from VBScript source package makes distribution and deployment of my scripts a breeze.

I particularly like PrimalScript’s “code awareness.” This includes, but goes beyond, the convenience of PrimalSense.   PrimalScript knows /my/ script.   At any point in my script it knows the particular function I’m in; it also lets me travel easily to other functions and subroutines.  I have been particularly enjoying the navigational convenience of “Go to Declaration.”  I miss those features instantly whenever I find myself using something like EditPadPro or <shudder> notepad.

My employer is not big on spending money on tools — this includes script editors.  Consequently I find myself having to buy my own.  Needless to say I choose carefully what to purchase.  I value my own scripting productivity as I continually seek to produce high quality solutions and tools quickly.  PrimalScript gives me a needed edge in that regard–that’s why I’ve been using it pretty consistently since 2000.  It just works, and it doesn’t get in the way.


Senior Technical Analyst and scriptographer

Victoria, BC


Thanks Mike!