PrimalScript 2012: What’s new? (Part 7)

Last time we told you about some new debugger features in PrimalScript 2012. And you already know all about the new Ribbon user interface this new version sports. One thing that we were really focused about in this version was to make navigating your code easier.

Since there is no “PrimalSense” toolbar anymore the method combo box that enabled you to jump between functions needed to find a new home.

If you load a file into PrimalScript 2012 you will notice the two new combo boxes on top of the edit window:


The right-hand combo box serves as an indicator for the current position as well as a quick way to jump to a specific function:


The left-hand box is a selector for the current scope. If you use only languages without support for classes, like PowerShell, you can skip the rest. But if you use VBScript, JScript, C# or other languages supporting classes then this is for you.

If you have a file with multiple classes you can select the scope on the left and then the function on the right. Just as with functions, the combo box also serves as a location indicator, so you know with just once glance which GetItem function you are currently working on.


Next time we will tell you about the other tabs on the ribbon and what they do.