Announcing – PrimalScript 2012

PrimalScript has been the premiere Scripting Integrated Development Environment since its introduction in 1998. With each iteration more functionality and more language support has been added and it has become more and more powerful. But with great power comes great responsibility; the responsibility to keep the product fresh and maintaining ease of use.

Introducing PrimalScript 2012:

PrimalScript 2012

PrimalScript 2012

PrimalScript 2012 has had a complete UI redesign. Gone are the long, involved menus. A new ribbon-based user interface that makes finding and accessing functionality faster and easier takes its place. And even though the ribbon uses about the same space as a standard “toolbar” configuration, it can quickly be “folded up” and out of the way to give you more editing space. Combine that with “full-screen mode” and you will have even more editing room to work with.

The new File Tab Backstage view cleanly categorizes your files into recently opened files, recently edited files and recently opened projects so that you can return to your work quickly. It even lets you “pin” specific files to these categories so that they are always available. The redesigned Print page gives you full control over your printing as well as a scalable preview of your print job.

We have continued to improve our editor as well with new features like a changed line indicator and quick movement to the next/previous changed line.

Of course there is more support for PowerShell as well. We have added native PowerShell remoting from within PrimalScript, an advanced object browser that differentiates between 32 and 64 bit cmdlets, a more powerful debugger with tracepoints and remote PowerShell debugging.

All of this new functionality will be detailed in a series of Blog articles by PrimalScript’s creator, Alex Riedel. So keep an eye on this blog for more detailed information.

PrimalScript 2012 will be available April 18, 2012 and will be specially priced at $299 until May 31st, 2012. On June 1st, 2012, PrimalScript 2012 will move to its new price point of $349.

PrimalScript 2012. The most powerful and easy to use PrimalScript ever.