PrimalScript 2011 Templates: ASCII, Unicode and UTF-8

PrimalScript 2011 creates Unicode files by default. There are some exceptions, like XML files, which are created as UTF-8 files.

While generally Unicode is the way to go with international characters and mixed languages and so forth there are some occasions where another encoding has to be used.

Once you have a file opened in PrimalScript it is pretty easy to change the encoding: Just right click on the indicator on the status bar and select the  new encoding. Press Save and you are all done.


But what if you want to change the default encoding for a file type for good, say because your old Perl engine you have to use only understands ASCII?

Fortunately that is pretty easy. Find the folder where PrimalScript’s templates are stored, which is typically “C:\ProgramData\SAPIEN\PrimalScript 2011\Templates\File Templates” and open the template you want to change just like any other file. Change the encoding as described above and save it. Now if you use File –> New to create a new file of that type it will have the desired encoding.


For more information on character encoding please see here: