Celebrate PowerShell User Group Month

March 19th is International PowerShell User Group Day and there are lots of PowerShell user group meetings going on during the month of March… In order to nudge you along into the rapidly-expanding world of PowerShell, we are offering a 25% discount off the purchase price of PrimalForms 2011 during the month of March. PrimalForms is THE next generation PowerShell development environment. It offers a powerful, visual, and easy-to-use scripting environment whether you work with command line or GUI-based scripts. It comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit debuggers and also offers both 32-bit and 64-bit consoles that you can switch between with one click without restarting or losing your context. In addition, you can create visual PowerShell-based apps and easily distribute them to your users. No other tool gives you such easy and powerful drag and drop PowerShell forms creation, one-step access to WMI and SQL integration, and clean and simple script packaging and distribution.

Online presentations by Don Jones, Ed Wilson “The Scripting Guy,” and other MVPs will be broadcast three times so that everyone around the world can watch them at a convenient time. In order to watch them, though, you will need to attend a registered user group meeting or a “virtual” user group—these tend to meet via LiveMeeting. Of course, SAPIEN will be sponsoring a number of events and so look for our logo and maybe win some great SAPIEN prizes!

If you are looking for even more resources, our own user forums are worthy of your review and can be a great resource. Go to ScriptingAnswers.com and see what others are asking about and sharing. Odds are that your questions may have already been answered but feel free to post your own and our user community members will likely jump right in and help you out.