Making Resolutions

Occasionally people ask us about our resolutions… not the New Year’s kind, but rather, the video kind. As you probably know, SAPIEN has produced several PowerShell training videos. These videos come in two formats: on DVD and as a download.

The DVD videos are not “true” DVDs, i.e. if you pop them into your DVD player they will not play like a movie. Rather, these videos are packaged as .MOV files for viewing on your computer  using Apple QuickTime. These .MOV files have a vertical resolution of 720 pixels (HD quality.) They play great on computers and other devices that can handle the resolution.

PowerShell Advanced DVD quality

Also included on the DVD is an iPhone/iPod touch formatted version of the video (.M4V extension). These videos were created before the iPad was available and are really only a convenience for use on the above mentioned devices. The PowerShell Fundamentals video is formatted with a vertical resolution of 180 pixels (this was done because it is twice as long as the other disks and there was a space limitation on the DVD.) The Intermediate, Advanced and What’s New videos are formatted with a vertical resolution of 360 pixels.

Our second option is our downloadable set. These videos (.MP4 extension) were all reformatted to look good on the iPad or the iPhone/iPod touch with the retina display. We were also concerned about file size so as not to make the download too laborious. Each of the downloadable PowerShell videos is formatted with a vertical resolution of 360 pixels.

PowerShell Advanced Download quality

So if you have made a resolution to learn PowerShell this year, then take advantage of our resolutions and learn from the best!