Convert PowerShell Scripts to GUI Applications

You have created the mother of all PowerShell scripts and spent endless hours honing its performance and catching error conditions. Now that you are rolling out this gem of a script to your users, you find out that they don’t take to the command prompt as you do.

You have also found out that some others even go and edit your skillfully crafted script and are now blaming you for errors.

You can avoid all of that by converting your command line script to a Windows Forms application with PrimalForms 2011. Create a GUI version of your PowerShell script to make the user interface easier for everyday users and package your script into an executable to prevent modification in the field.

Don Jones explained the process in one of our training sessions. View the video here:

This video, along with its detailed voice-over, will walk you through creating the GUI, adding events and event handlers. It also explains how to export and package your script into a single executable for distribution.