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Docking windows and tabbed views

All SAPIEN Software has docking panels of some kind or another. Combine a multi-tabbed environment like PrimalScript with docked multi-tabbed panels and it can get a bit overwhelming if you dragged your output windows somewhere by accident and can’t get it back to where you think it should be. Let’s look at the overall layout of PrimalScript:



As soon as you start dragging a panel group or a panel the docking guides appear as shown above.
You can drag an entire group of tabbed panels by grabbing the active panel by its caption as shown above.

If you only want to grab a single panel from a group click on the tab and start dragging as shown here:


You will also notice that as soon as you move the mouse over part of the docking guide a shaded area appears, indicating where the panel would be docked if you release the left mouse button now.

Let’s just say we managed to dock the output panel on top (as shown below) and we want to get it back to the bottom, in a tabbed group with the docked Debug panel that is already there.


Grab the output window by its caption and drag it down to the Debug panel:


You will notice that the central dock guide moves down as soon as the mouse cursor gets into the docked Debug panel. That is because that central dock guide applies to the current dock group.
So in the above image, if you release the left mouse button over the center of the docking guide the output panel docks as a tabbed panel.
Release it on the top,left,right or bottom part of the central guide and the output panel is docked on the selected side. For example, if you released it on the left it docks like this:


If you look at the docking guides again, you see two bottom guides:


They both have different effects, so try for yourself.


Aside from docking you can also convert a panel to a tabbed view or vice versa.

Lets take a PowerShell console as an example. Normally the console panel is docked in the bottom panel group.
Now right click on the tab and you will see this menu:


Select “Tabbed Document” and the shell panel moves to your tabbed documents.


To reverse that right click on the tab again and uncheck “Tabbed Document” and the panel goes back to where it was.


Let us know if you have any questions regarding panels, views and docking.

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