2012 Is The Year Of PowerShell—Are You Ready?

You really need to make PowerShell your top New Year’s Resolution because 2012 is *the* year of PowerShell.  Microsoft is putting it front and center in its Windows Management Framework 3.0 which is due sometime in 2012.  And you need to be ready for it.  Sure, you need to put exercise and a good diet at the top of your priorities, too, but you need to feed and exercise your brain as well.  Keeping your brain in shape will lead to job security, a fat wallet, and incessant praise from your colleagues and your end users.  Well, maybe not the end users because they never appreciate your work, but you get the point.  You WILL be a better person for knowing PowerShell.

So, here’s the deal for the month of January 2012: purchase PrimalForms 2011, the PowerShell Training videos, and easily the best book on PowerShell—Windows PowerShell 2.0 TFM—for the ridiculously low price of $299!  That’s over 30% in savings but you don’t even need to think of it in terms of savings.  Rather, think of this deal in terms of your future potential.  Everything is going to be PowerShell in the networking world this year and so you need to be ready for it.

PrimalForms 2011 is our powerful and versatile PowerShell scripting environment.  It works with both command line and GUI-based scripts and comes with both a 32-bit and a 64-bit debugger.  If you work primarily in the console, you have both 32-bit and 64-bit consoles that allow you to switch back and forth between them without restarting or losing your context.  You can even drag and drop lines from the console into the script pane and vice-versa for easier development and unmatched scripting/console integration. Of course, PrimalForms is great at creating visual PowerShell-based executables that you can distribute to your end users.

Our set of PowerShell Training videos is completely downloadable and comes in four main modules: Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced, and What’s New in Version 2.0.  Starting from scratch, these titles provides more than 30 total hours of instruction, including conceptual animations, demonstrations and samples, hands-on exercises, and much more, all in a friendly, easy-to-understand style.  Check our website for samples you can download: https://www.sapien.com/books_training/Self-Paced-Training.

“Windows PowerShell v2.0 TFM” is (unabashedly) the best book out there on the subject.  Written by Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks, both scripting gurus, it walks you through PowerShell scripting from the ground up: you don’t need any prior PowerShell, VBScript, or any other scripting or programming experience. You’ll learn about cmdlets, snap-ins, scripts, PowerShell’s security model, and just enough of the .NET Framework to be effective. Written in an easygoing, casual style with plenty of examples, you’ll find yourself producing useful PowerShell scripts after the second chapter!  You can download a sample by clicking the “Try It” button at http://www.sapien.com/books/Windows-PowerShell-2.

Of course, even if you believe that the world ends in 2012, you should still buy this special.  We’re not quite sure how to argue this point other than by saying that the world will probably not end and, therefore, you will need to be PowerShell-enabled.  Make it *your* year of PowerShell!