Why is there a shield on my icon?

If you package your script with PrimalScript’s or PrimalForm’s packager you have the option of including a manifest. This manifest can be used to make your executable file prompt for elevation when executed.


It’s easy to spot the difference between an application that will prompt for elevation and one that does not by looking at the icon:


Now, imagine the surprise if you get a shield on your icon and an elevation prompt when you run a file you packaged without a manifest.

As you can see from the image below it’s all in the name:


I simply took the package with no manifest and renamed it.

So in the absence of a manifest Windows 7 uses the name of your executable file to determine if it need elevation. The terms “Setup”, “Install” and “Patch” trigger that behavior, but only if the exe file has no manifest at all.
If you don’t want your packaged executable to ever prompt for elevation you should add a manifest to all your packages.

I should also note that once you turn UAC (User Access Control) off you won’t see any of this of course.