Introducing ChangeVue 2011 — Version Control For The Rest Of Us

“DMD” is a serious though not fatal psychological condition and we here at SAPIEN Technologies are committed to fight. It stands for “Decision-Making Disorder” and afflicts those who cannot decide among all the great software tools we offer. So, we’re making it simple for you this month—-in order to celebrate the release of ChangeVue 2011, we have put together two nifty offers:

– Buy ChangeVue 2011 and receive 40% off, or,
– Bundle ChangeVue 2011, PrimalXML, and PrimalSQL for a super low price of $199

ChangeVue is version control made easy and simple for the rest of us. Whether you work alone or in a large group, you need to keep track of your code. Even system and network administrators need to maintain libraries of their scripts. ChangeVue allows for easy check-in/out, checks for missing and mismatched files, offers multiple repositories, has drag-and-drop, and even has built-in differencing tools, just to name a few features. All the details can be found at

You do *not* want to release a new script only to find that it has a problem and you need to go back to the previous version which, unfortunately, you had already deleted. With ChangeVue, it’s a cinch to locate any previous version and rebuild your application. You will wonder how you got along without it!

But hurry because these offers are valid only during the month of October. Come Halloween, they vanish into thin air like the mist from a fog machine [queue laugh from “Rocky Horror Picture Show”]…