PrimalScript 2011’s WMI Browser gets an upgrade

We are always looking at improving our products or adding useful features. When we originally created the WMI part inside PrimalScript’s object browser, it was all about WMI properties. But many WMI classes have methods too and we felt you should be able to see them. Many thanks also to all the users who let us know that this is a feature they need as soon as possible. We always appreciate hearing what you would like to see.

So with this service build (6.0.150) we added WMI methods to the browser and generate help information on the fly as shown below.

WMI Methods1


If the generated information is not enough or contains too many “Not available” terms because the original vendor didn’t add any descriptions, you can right click and search Microsoft’s MSDN site for more documentation. The results of that search are shown in the SAPIEN Document Explorer:

WMI Methods2