PrimalPad gets a 2011 upgrade

PrimalPad gets upgraded with code folding, new languages and the ability to run scripts. With this new 2011 version of the ever popular Notepad replacement you get support for code folding in VBScript, JScript and PowerShell.


Because some of you asked nicely, we also added SQL and Python to the languages supported by PrimalPad’s syntax coloring.

Last but not least, you can now run your script files from within PrimalPad. While it doesn’t have PrimalScript’s output capture abilities, it still works pretty well for some quick hit and run scripting.


The tools menu is where you make it all happen. By setting up PowerShell and CMD.exe properly you can run your scripts and see their output too.
Don’t worry, it’s easy; just a few steps.

Here are the settings for PowerShell and VBScript respectively:





You can probably guess that the the $File$ parameter gets replaced with the path of whatever file is currently active. You can also use $FileTitle$ if you just want the base name of the file. So “C:\users\somename\My Documents\Script\drivespace.ps1” would result in “drivespace”. Make sure to enclose the $File$ parameter in quotes, otherwise pathnames with spaces in them will just throw an error.

The command windows stay open with the output of your script because of the –noexit parameter for PowerShell and the /K parameter for CMD.exe.

Oh and in case you wondered, PrimalPad still needs no installation, still comes in 32 and 64 bit versions and it’s still free.

So head on over to and click on “Download”. You will find PrimalPad in the “Free Tools” folder.