September 1, 2011 / by Robert Morey / 20,000 feet, Books and Training, Events, General, Newsletter / No Comments

Happy Anniversary, Dear!

This month we are celebrating our 25th year in business and *you* are receiving the gifts! Everything in our online catalog—software, books, DVD, even our fabulous Infiniti pens (as featured in Battlestar Galactica)—is 25% off retail prices. For our silver anniversary, we thought about giving you something made of silver but then we realized that you would probably enjoy upgrading to our 2011 versions and saving some money instead. If you haven’t checked out all the fabulous, new features and tools that our 2011 versions have, you are definitely missing the boat! This would be the perfect time to upgrade.
We were all told not give our significant others appliances for anniversaries, right? Well, the ability to streamline and automate your tasks, thus allowing you more free time to spend with loved ones, is priceless. So, consider our discount a gift to you, and your free time a gift to your significant other—you both win! You’re welcome.
This sale is valid throughout the month of September but don’t delay! After all, we might run out of our Infiniti pens…!

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