Where did the PrimalScript 2011 Studio download go?

August 24th, 2011 by Alex Riedel
Last updated on February 11th, 2016


Some of you have already noticed that the download for PrimalScript 2011 Studio is no longer available from our download pages and your account page on MySAPIEN.

Instead, registered PrimalScript Studio and Universal users see downloads for the individual components of PrimalScript Studio, namely PrimalScript 2011, PrimalForms 2011, PrimalSQL 2011, PrimalXML 2011 and soon ChangeVue 2011.

We have decided to no longer use a combined Studio installer because:

  • We can now release service builds for individual applications without waiting for a PrimalScript service build.
  • Users do not have to download the entire package if only one component has changed.
  • Many users asked for this so they can pick and choose what to download and install.

If you have any question about these individual installers or accessing your registered applications, please feel free to post in our customer support forum or email directly to support@sapien.com


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