Service Release (8/22/2011)

New versions of PrimalScript 2011, PrimalForms 2011, PrimalSQL 2011, and PrimalXML 2011 are available. Registered users can download the latest service builds from MySAPIEN.

Release Notes:

PrimalScript 2011 v6.0.149

Fix: Crash when using Run in Shell with some scripts
Fix: Enable code misses last line
Fix: Regular expression match failed
Fix: Multi-select in project tree not working properly Vista and above
Fix: Uppercase PS1 extension fails to execute


PrimalForms 2011 v2.0.12

ADD: Option to Check for New Extensions on Startup
ADD: Refresh Extension Context Menu Option in PowerShell Pane
ADD: Get-ScriptDirectory Snippet
UPD: Get-ScriptDirectory Function in Form Projects
UPD: Generated Form code will no longer write DataBinding.DefaultDataSourceUpdateMode lines
UPD: Cache is now written in Unicode (You must rebuild cache to convert to Unicode)
UPD: Generated Database scripts and Forms will now load the required Database Assembly
UPD: Packager Engines
UPD: Other minor changes and updates


PrimalSQL 2011 v2.0.8

FIX: MySQL DateTime output when using “Allow Zero Datetime=True” in the connection string
FIX: PowerShell Query String Formatting Issue
UPD: Modified ODBC Connection string construction
UPD: Generated PowerShell scripts and forms will now load the required Database Assembly
UPD: Other minor changes and fixes


PrimalXML 2011 v2.0.3

UPD: Startpage’s help icon locations
UPD: Other minor changes and fix