June 10, 2011 / by David Corrales / Back from TechEd, Windows PowerShell / 1 Comment

Back From TechEd 2011: Why create a GUI for my PowerShell Scripts?

Why create a GUI for my PowerShell Scripts?

Microsoft Windows became successful because it offers an easy to use visual interface which doesn’t require users to remember console commands. Users still prefer a mouse click over having to type a command.

One of the top reasons users create a GUI for their scripts is to distribute the script to a non-PowerShell user. For example, using PrimalForms or PrimalScript 2011 users can package their GUI script into an executable and distribute it to their help desk or other end users. The GUI doesn’t require the end user to open the console or determine how to run the script in PowerShell. The end user just needs to double click on the executable and the script runs automatically and securely.

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