Service Release (6/1/2011)

New versions of PrimalForms 2011,  PrimalSQL 2011, and PrimalXML 2011 are available. Registered users can download the latest service builds from MySAPIEN.

Release Notes:


PrimalForms 2011 v2.0.7

– FIX: Renaming controls in designer failed to update editor do to case mismatch
– FIX: PrimalSense Foreach Type info not showing for basic arrays
– FIX: Layout issue when License Dialog appears for the first time
– FIX: Debugger error message issue with projects
– FIX: Refresh Extensions didn’t reload the Snapins after caching
– FIX: Save issue when the default path is not found
– FIX: Closed panels showed as Open in Windows->Panels menu
– FIX: Param Dialog not showing when param block was in a region
– UPD: Caching process no longer loads profiles
– UPD: Check for Bookmarks & Breakpoints in ps1 files to only save in NTFS
– UPD: Go To Operations will now expand collapse outlining nodes
– UPD: Reset Default Layout no longer needs the application to restart
– UPD: PrimalSense parsing
– UPD: Changed the default file encoding to UTF-8
– UPD: Changed templates to UTF-8 encoding
– ADD: Options to change file encoding via context menu in editor
– ADD: File encoding info in the status bar
– ADD: Added Option to change the Background Color of editor
– ADD: Context Menu to Editor Style Dialog that allows you to set Background color to Automatic
– ADD: Warning message when opening a form created in a previous version of PrimalForms
– ADD: Backup message when saving forms created in previous version of PrimalForms
– ADD: Multiline comments now collapse
– ADD: Option to clear Output Pane and Debug Pane
– ADD: Added support for static fields in ObjectBrowser
– ADD: System.XML assembly to default Assemblies

Previous Changes:

– FIX: SplitContainer not showing controls
– FIX: Packager issue with Alternate Credentials
– FIX: Parsing issue with [] indexer
– FIX: Issue with copy To HTML using black background after settings changed
– FIX: Packager Unlicensed issue
– UPD: SaveFileDialog is now mark as STA Required
– UPD: Variables declared in foreach loop will now appear in PrimalSense
– UPD: When using TextBox AutoCompleteMode, PrimalForms will force STA Mode
– UPD: Packager icon will use the default icon if the specified custom icon is not found.
– UPD: If Packager Icon is not found, the textbox path will be colored red
– ADD: Parameter PrimalSense for Functions
– ADD: PrimalSense variable type information in foreach loops
– ADD: You can now sign psm1 files via the menu
– ADD: When adding Chart Control, PF will automatically insert the Chart Help Functions

PrimalSQL 2011 v2.0.5

– FIX: Startup Issue
– FIX: Visual issue in Options under Windows XP
– FIX: Save issue when the default path is not found
– FIX: Closed panels showed as Open in Windows->Panels menu
– ADD: Can now reset layout without having to restart the application.

PrimalXML 2011 v2.0.2

– FIX: Formatting issue when pasting large XML content from the clipboard
– FIX: Navigation Pane not showing selected element when there are multiple root elements
– UPD: Updated UI