PrimalScript 2011 Service Build 6.0.137 available

The latest service build of PrimalScript 2011 (6.0.137) is now available from MySAPIEN for registered users.

This build includes the following fixes since build 6.0.134:

  • Admin tools section empty on Windows 2003 Server; Toolscanner now finds 64 bit admin tools
  • MSC execution does not always use correct mode on 64 bit OS
  • Visual C++ 2008 runtime blocks installer on Windows 2003 Server.
    NOTE: This still produces an error message due to an MSIEXEC bug on the systems, but the installation is no longer blocked.
  • Crash when using file browser
  • File browser does not open subfolders on double click
  • Packager displays invalid license on some machines
  • Toolscanner unnecessarily prompts for elevation on first startup
  • Document explorer internal links not operational
  • Document Explorer does not update nodes on import
  • Unicode BE files not loaded correctly
  • Open with PrimalScript should be default in FTP Explorer
  • Some file types not signed correctly
  • Invalid version format is now detected before being adding to a manifest in the packager
  • Current instruction pointer is also displayed in files not currently being debugged
  • Toggling regular document to hex view causes crash
  • [Run] or [Break] not updated in scripts tab during debugging if output windows tabbed
  • CacheBuilder corrupts cache files if synopsis  contains CR/LF
  • Logon Script Wizard generates faulty script
  • Non-printable char displayed after array items under Windows XP.
  • PSCMD files do not execute
  • Installer does not install 64 bit components on Windows XP 64
  • Set debug parameters in debug menu has no effect
  • Open dialog changing file type clears file name
  • Added option for external command to sign scripts
  • HTML XML Browser displays non printable chars on XP
  • Highlight cmdlet and right click help not working
  • Undo, bookmark and breakpoint information not stored on XP systems between sessions
  • Template encoding not transferred to new file.
  • Snapin help not operational, modules not expanding on some machines.
  • ScriptDriver may crash if output too large
  • VBScript Debugger does not show global variables while stopped inside function