PrimalScript 2011 User Review: Jay Adams from Noxigen

Over the past 10+ years in IT, I’ve enjoyed the challenges of automating every task imaginable while working at various companies. For most of my career it’s been in a 200,000+ user enterprise environment managing over 5000 servers. PrimalScript has been one my most valued assets most of the way. I’ve taken a look at various editors annually and I can never find anything that even comes close to the functionality in PrimalScript. It would be easier to list the popular languages that it doesn’t support. With PrimalSense, syntax highlighting, templates, source control, workspaces and a multitude of other configurable options: I’ve got everything I need to work efficiently and get the hot issue of the day knocked out quickly.

Having written hundreds of scripts, including many that run fully automated 24x7x365 to maintain mission critical infrastructure systems, I can’t imagine how much more difficult it would’ve been to prototype, code, debug and support those solutions without PrimalScript.

As for support, SAPIEN has always been responsive whenever I’ve had questions on the forums, posted a bug or requested a new feature. You just don’t get that from a lot of companies today. So now that I’m starting my own company, one of the first things I’ll have in my arsenal is PrimalScript 2011.

Jay Adams