April 26, 2011 / by Alex Riedel / PrimalScript Studio, Software News / No Comments

PrimalScript 2011 Studio: Pre-release by popular demand

Many of you have PrimalScript 2009 Studio and asked if you can upgrade right now even though ChangeVue 2011 is not ready yet.

We heard your pleas and released PrimalScript 2011 Studio sans ChangeVue. So if you have a prior license with Upgrade Assurance, head over to MySAPIEN and exchange your key now.

If you don’t have Upgrade Assurance you can purchase the upgrade now and get ChangeVue 2011 when it is released.

To purchase the upgrade head on over to our store now: https://store.sapien.com/p-169-upgrade-primalscript-2009-studio-to-primalscript-2011-studio.aspx

If you didn’t have a prior copy you can purchase one here: https://store.sapien.com/p-161-primalscript-2011-studio.aspx

As always, if you are not sure what your options are, feel free to email sales@sapien.com with your prior license key (if any). Please be patient if the response takes a little bit longer than usual. We try to answer as fast as we can.

How close are we with ChangeVue you ask? As you can see below, we can take screenshots already.


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