PrimalScript 2011 Service Build 6.0.133 available

The latest service build of PrimalScript 2011 (6.0.133) is now available from MySAPIEN for registered users.

This build includes the following fixes:

  • ADSI Wizard generates invalid characters
  • Shell background now defaults to blue
  • Data file names in packaged PowerShell scripts where truncated to one letter
  • “ByPass” recognized as a PowerShell security setting
  • Toolscanner did not detect and add the PowerShell Policy Manager
  • New project wizard created empty PWS files
  • RSSRetriever now uses new SAPIEN URL
  • FTP open did not open text files from remote sites under some conditions
  • Installer left temporary registry key


The following items have been added:

  • The encoding of a text file is now shown in the status bar
  • The help file (PrimalScript2011.chm) has been added. More content to this
    file will be added in future service releases.