Release 2011 Q&A

Now that the majority of the 2011 versions of our software has been released, you may have questions
about upgrading. We have compiled a list of the most common questions and listed them below.

If this does not answer your questions, please feel free to email However, we
ask you to be patient; after a release the volume of emails and phone calls is always very large, so we
may take a little while to get back to you.

Q: I have a copy of PrimalScript Studio (or Universal) 2009. I don’t see an upgrade in my account.
A: Since PrimalScript Studio 2011 has not been released yet, the website does not issue
     upgrade keys or options yet. We are working on the last part of our Studio bundle, ChangeVue 2011,
     as fast as we can.

Q: When will PrimalScript Studio 2011 be released?
A: As soon as ChangeVue 2011 is ready for release. We are anticipating an early May date.

Q: Will my PrimalXXXXX 2009 license key unlock the 2011 version I just downloaded.
A: No. You always need the matching license key for your version.

Q: How do I get a 2011 license key?
A: If you have Upgrade Assurance just head on over to
     You should see a link for a free upgrade. If you have Studio or Universal and want to get a
     2011 license key so you can use the parts that already have been released, please email your
     current key to They can upgrade you now.

Q: I have an older version of PrimalScript, do I get a break on the upgrade price?
A: Yes, you qualify for a discount. How much depends on what version you have.

Q: I have PrimalXXXXX 2009, do I get a free upgrade?
A: Generally no. Unless you purchased Upgrade Assurance or it was included with your purchase,
     you are not eligible for a free upgrade.

Q: I just purchased this last week. Do I get the new version for free?
A: If you purchased PrimalScript 2009 (Standalone, Studio or Universal) after the beginning of
     November 2010, then you got Upgrade Assurance for free, which entitles to a free upgrade. All other
     products are subject to an upgrade fee.

Q: I bought PrimalScript 2009 at some special sales, do I still get the free upgrade?
A: That depends on what sale this was. Register your key at MySAPIEN and you can see if you
     are eligible or not.
     PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased PrimalScript 2009 during our Dec. 31st blowout special for $99,
     this did NOT include free upgrade assurance.