Feature Peek PrimalScript 2011: Debugging with arguments

Many of the scripts you develop use command line arguments to specify data that needs to be passed to the script. In a production environment these parameters usually change for each invocation of a script.

For debugging however most developers use a fixed set of test parameters for any given script, which allows you to easily reproduce the state you need for debugging a specific item.

In the past that meant that for each script you had to manually set the parameters somewhere in a dialog box before debugging. It also meant that you somehow had to remember what the necessary parameters for a script where. If you are anything like me, that means a lot of Post-It notes on your desk.

In PrimalScript 2011 you can store the debug parameters for each script within the script itself. Simply add a comment somewhere.

# %DebugArguments%="Kick the tires and light the fires"

or in VBScript

‘  %DebugArguments%="That’s a negative, Ghost Rider"

The quotes are there to make this ONE single parameter, of course you can specify multiple parameters as well:

%DebugArguments%=Servername Username password

Anytime you press that debug button now these parameters get passed to your script. No more Post-It notes, no more remembering what the parameters are.


(PowerShell debugger with preset arguments)


(VBScript debugger with preset arguments)