Feature Peek PrimalForms 2011: Debugger

You saw PrimalScripts 2011’s new PowerShell debugger and now its time to show you the same debugger in PrimalForms 2011.

Multi-Platform Support

Since PrimalForms 2011 shares the same debugger as PrimalScript, it  also supports 32 bit & 64 bit script execution with the option to elevate.

Variables Pane

View all the session variables and their property values.

Variable Pane

(Fig 1: Variables Pane)

Watch Pane

The Watch Pane allows you to specify variable expressions that you wish to monitor without having to search for the variable.

Watch Pane

(Fig 2: Watch Pane)

Call Stack Pane

View the current call stack when debugging your scripts

Call Stack Pane

(Fig 3: Call Stack Pane)

Debug Console

With the Debug Console you can interact with the RunSpace while at a breakpoint. The console allows you to run commands or alter values in order to make debugging scripts easier.

Debug Console

(Fig 4: Debug Console)

PrimalForms is now a fully featured PowerShell Script Editor.

PrimalForms 2011 Debugger

(Fig 5:  Debugging a Form Project)