Feature Peek PrimalScript 2011: New PowerShell Debugger

The PowerShell debugger has been completely rewritten for PrimalScript 2011. Many of the new features are the direct result of requests from you, our users:

  • – The way the debugger executes your script makes sure that all open files are closed, regardless where and when you stop debugging.
  • – You can debug in 32 and 64 bit PowerShell instances and also elevate the debugger if your script requires elevation to run.
    (Obviously you need a 64 bit OS to run the 64 bit debugger)
  • – The new variable display shows all members and their values of all PowerShell variables.
  • – The watch window allow you to looks at specifically selected variables or their properties, which allows you to focus on the essentials rather than looking at all the variables at once.
  • – The Debug Console lets you interact with the scripts runspace while you are stopped at a breakpoint. So you can run commands to provide additional settings or alter the value of variables. Or maybe simple experiment with what-if situations.

And here is how it all looks together:



Stay tuned for more news…