Feature Peek 2011: Bookmarks and Breakpoints

As mentioned in previous blogs, the next version of PrimalForms will support debugging. Anybody who has debugged a script or application knows that breakpoints are a priceless tool. A cool new feature in the 2011 versions of PrimalScript and PrimalForms is the ability edit breakpoints and bookmarks between the two products. For example, a user creates a PowerShell script in PrimalForms 2011 and set a few breakpoints and bookmarks used for debugging. The same user decides to debug the same PowerShell script on another machine, but it only has PrimalScript 2011  installed. When the script is opened in PrimalScript 2011, the user will find all his breakpoint and bookmarks are intact. Since the products share break points, the user saves time and effort of having to reset each individual breakpoint and bookmark, every time they switch between products.

PrimalForms2011 Breakpoints

(Fig 1: Script file in PrimalForms 2011)

PrimalScript2011 Breakpoints

(Fig 2: Script file in PrimalScript 2011)