Feature Peek 2011: Can I get some help here?

One of the most important things for any type of development is quick and efficient access to help information. No matter whether you are a seasoned developer or just started to write scripts longer than five lines, at some point you will need help.
Maybe you just need a reminder about what the parameters of a function are for or you need a detailed sample of how to use this newfangled cmdlet to produce meaningful output.

PrimalScript had built-in context sensitive help for generations and PrimalForms equally had its built-in access to PowerShell help, but these took screen real estate away from your code.

We designed the new help application, the SAPIEN Document Explorer as a separate process, where you can view, search, annotate and browse help, relevant online sites and samples.


If you have multiple monitors you can move the document explorer to another monitor and glance at help information while typing your code.

It provides help for PowerShell and VBScript as seen below:



Needless to say, the features of this new help application don’t end there. Pictures say more than words, so here are some of the additional abilities of the SAPIEN Document Explorer:


Open and browse popular blog sites for reference.

Free eBooks

Free ebooks, e.g. PowerShell TFM 1.0


Access to SAPIEN QuickGuides


Browse and search popular code repository sites

PowerShell Samples

Browse and search hundreds of PowerShell and VBScript samples.

side by side

A multi-tab environment with horizontal and vertical groups allows you to see help and sample code side-by-side.


Powerful search options let you scan help content and sample files.


Every content topic, sample, link, ebook etc. can be annotated with your comments.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comments or post in the wish list forum at support.sapien.com