Making downloads available and easy to find is not always as simple as it may seem. Over time, web sites grow, locations for downloads get fragmented, sometimes you will find different versions in different areas.

Right now, you download our trial software from, our free tools from another location there. Registered users download from and book sample chapters and scripts are located on

This is why we created a new and dedicated downloads site:


If you already have a SAPIEN login from or you can login right away and start exploring.


The layout should be instantly familiar to anyone who has ever used any Explorer style application. On the left-hand you have a split view between folders (top) and files (bottom) and the right-hand view shows the description for the files or its content depending on the file type.

If you are browsing trial software or free tools you will see brief descriptions on the right side:

trial software

free tools

If you browse and view content that can be directly displayed, such as PDFs, sample scripts or image files, you will see them directly in the right-hand view:

Sample chapters

Sample code

sample vbscript

Every file can be downloaded with the large download button in the top right corner, smaller files can be zipped and emailed to your registered email account if you like.

Feel free to browse around and tell us what you think. Please post any suggestions you may have in the

Wish list and Features forum

Of course you are also welcome to leave a comment here.