Announcing PrimalScript 2011

PrimalScript_11_boxshot_250_x_250  Since the announcement of PrimalForms 2011 we have received quite a number of inquiries about the next generation of PrimalScript. So without further delay, yes, there will also be a 2011 version of PrimalScript. We have analyzed all the input we have received from you, our users, during the past two years and worked hard to make PrimalScript 2011 the best version of PrimalScript you have ever seen. It is faster and leaner and still contains more of the features you need in your everyday work.

Rest assured that we not only looked at the flashy buzzwords and new technology you may or may not have begun to use. We also looked at your average day and its challenges to determine what you need to stay productive.

You can find some of the new features listed here:

We recommend that you keep an eye on our blog at for more information on the upcoming new version of PrimalScript.

Last but not least, here are the answers to some of the questions you will certainly have:

  • – What if I buy PrimalScript 2009 now, do I get a free upgrade?
    Yes. Every license key generated as of today will contain free upgrade assurance and thus give you a free upgrade to PrimalScript 2011.
  • – Will there be an upgrade to PrimalScript Studio 2011?
    Yes, there will be.
  • – I read the announcement for the new version of PrimalForms. Will there be a bundle or an upgrade to both?
    There will be bundles, discounts for existing customers, upgrade deals and specials. Keep an eye on our newsletter and for the lasted news.
  • – I just bought PrimalScript 2009 XX days ago; do I have to pay full price for the upgrade?
    That depends on how much XX is. If you feel you should get a break, please email after PrimalScript 2011 has been released. Our sales staff can apply discounts, within reason, in cases of recent purchases. Please understand that they cannot help you with any pricing questions until it actually is released.
  • – When will PrimalScript 2011 be released?
    Within the 4th quarter of 2010. No exact date has been set yet.
  • – What is the price and how much will the upgrade cost?
    Pricing and upgrade costs are set after the final stages of development have been completed. Please watch for our newsletter and our blog at for pricing announcements.