Windows PowerShell V2 Training

The next class for Windows PowerShell training has been scheduled!  Whether you are just beginning, or are eager to learn the new features of PowerShell V2, this class covers it all. Don Jones, SAPIEN MVP, once again teams up with SAPIEN Technologies to provide you with the best PowerShell training available.

  • Day one – Windows PowerShell Express – will cover such topics as running commands and using the pipeline, importing and exporting data, core cmdlets – sorting, grouping, comparing, and more!
  • Day two – Windows PowerShell Intermediate Topics – covers understanding and using Windows  management instrumentation, administering active directory, understanding PowerShell sessions and administering WinRM, and doesn’t stop there.
  • Day three – Windows PowerShell Scripting Fundamentals – includes Windows PowerShell security, basic and parameterized scripts, advanced operators, Dot-sourcing and more.
  • Day four – Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting – concludes the session with just some of these topics – utilizing the underlying .NET framework types, debugging techniques, using modules to package and redistribute scripts.

Our class is being held in Chicago, IL at the Inn of Chicago, October 25-28, 2010.  Visit for more information.  Sign up today.