Back From TechEd: Why should I use PowerShell to create Windows Forms Applications?

There was a lot of interest about PrimalForms during this year’s TechEd. Rumor has it the Microsoft PowerShell Team even demonstrated PrimalForms in one of their presentations.

We were very happy to talk to with our users during the show. One of the questions we were asked was:

Why should I use PowerShell to create Windows Forms Applications?

There are a few reasons you might want to use PowerShell to create Windows Forms Applications:

1. Levy the power of PowerShell with the ease of a GUI interface.

2. It doesn’t require a developer to create a cool customized GUI application.

3. Limit the access of your users by providing predefined functionality. For example, you can create an application that only allows your user read access to a list of products in a Database, thus preventing the user from accidently “altering” any data. What you provide is what they have access to.

4. End users need not learn PowerShell nor will they be forced to use an intimidating command prompt.

5. There are no extra dependencies other then what is required to your run existing PowerShell scripts. You can create complete GUIs using nothing but PowerShell.

6. *Packaged Windows Form Applications support elevation and alternate credentials. Lets face it, you don’t want to give all your users administrative rights.

7. *Packaging your scripts will protect it by preventing access to the source code (script).

* Requires PrimalForms 2009 or PrimalScript 2009 to package scripts.