Back from Tech-Ed: How do your eBooks work?

SAPIEN Press offers a variety of technical books in both print and eBook formats. These eBooks can be purchased on

Our eBooks are currently distributed in a protected pdf format. What this means is that the eBook is imprinted with your email address at the bottom of each page when you download it. Here is a simple description of the process.

  1. Purchase the eBook on
  2. You will receive a license key for the eBook
  3. Register that license key at
  4. As soon as you register the eBook, a listing for that eBook will appear on the registration page. Below that listing is a link to download the eBook. Click on that link and the eBook will be imprinted and begin downloading to your computer.

It’s that simple!

We hope to start offering our eBooks in ePub format so that you can enjoy our books on devices like the Nook, Sony Reader and iPad. Those versions of the eBooks would be available on the specific device’s store.